Super Mompreneur Giveaway

Hi Mamas!
We closed the entries yesterday for our Business of Being a Mom, all expense paid trip giveaway to Super Mompreneur.
Congrats, kudos and karma for getting your entry in!! We will be making our selection this week and notify everyone by 9/8. We wanted to take a second though and pat you all on the [...]

The Best of Intentions

We can guarantee you these happy little guys had nothing but the best intentions when they stumbled upon the tools necessary to help mom and dad paint. The next time you find yourself in a jaw dropping moment of shock in your business, remember these moments in parenting. When you are facing what appears to [...]

Life Lessons in Trust

Learning to trust is a critical skill in parenting and business.
As your kids enter their school age years you learn new life lessons in trust.  Up until this point, they have never been alone in the world without you by their side . You have always been there there to warn them of stranger danger, soften the blows of [...]