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23 Responses to “Q&A”

  1. I am still trying to find balance between working on the site and being a mom. How do you two find balance?

  2. We are never balanced! LOL! We get asked this alot. Somedays are full of work and some full of family. Its being IN the moment you are in that we try to do the most. We are not always the best at it but try to remind each other to take time off for ourselves and our families. Running your own business will require a lot of you, weather its a big one or small one and most Mompreneurs really do enjoy their work. Thats where the guilt comes in though. We will be the first to admit, we look forward to working (most days :-) ), it is part of who we are and it makes us better mothers to have our careers and vice versa. People judge us for our busy work schedules but those people don’t really know us and see the big picture of our lives. We focus on all we ARE giving our kids – confidence, aspiration, creativty, hope, optimism and life experience we never dreamed of. Our business grew very fast so it has required a commitment we did not anticipate from both of us and our familes but even in the early stages, we sat down with our husbands, parents and kids and involved them in the potential, the excitement and yes even the stress sometimes. They get to ride the roller coaster of the entrepreneur lifestyle right next to us and we all are closer because of it. Its not the most popular answer but it’s honest. So, we would say to throw the quest for “balance” out the window and focus more on just taking in every moment of the journey.

  3. Congrats on being selected as the keynote speakers at Moms In Business Unite! And, how generous for you to sponor a mompreneur to attend the conference. My question for you: do you have a board of advisors and, if yes, how did you assemble that group and what did you offer them to entice their participation?

  4. We currently has a board of directors that we brought in when we completed our series A investment round over a year ago. This group is made up of two of our investors, one outside person who is a business consultant, and us. In our case most everyone has a vested interest in being on the board as they have ownership in the company. The one gentlemen who is on our board who has not invested in the company, has been given stock options for his time. This is a very typical way of obtaining great advisors/board members as they feel like they are getting a little kicker for their time spent. It also may increase the quality of who you are able to recruit. Our board meets quarterly to discuss budgets, strategy, growth, challenges and we find it incredibly helpful.

    If you are in a position that you don’t need to have a board of directors at this time you can set up the same scenario with a group of business advisors. We always seek out people who are savvy in different areas, marketing, sales, finance, and someone who has been there done that in business is always a must. You can offer a small stake in your company, possible half a percent ownership earned over the period of one year for their service. Then you can renew each year if things are going well. Putting a group of advisors in place is a really good idea for the simple reason that we always give to people = “It is always good to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you as business has no room for egos”. By putting a group together you can also add an impressive page to your business plan that lists your advisors and their credentials. This will give you credibility if you are ever in the position where you need to seek out financing for your business. Hope that helps, best of luck to you.

  5. After 5 or 6 years in business how do you keep your own interest in your business alive? How do you move to the next level or do you?

  6. Hi Andrea – We have only been at this craziness about 3 years but even so, understand what you mean. Its a challenge to balance the need to grow, change, innovate and wow with growing pains, cash flow and the temptation to try and be all things to all people and keep it fresh and new. About a year after we started we were off in R&D on two other products we had ideas for. It took us longer than it should have to realize we just want to be the best at wiping noses. When you are under the pile of your business minutia every day you also tend to think you have tapped out your market or hit your wall when you really haven’t. We had a retailer put us in our place one time reminding us 90% of people have still never heard of Boogie Wipes. Eeek, that was a fun meeting. He was right though and just because you have a website anyone can see or are in bunches of retail stores does not mean you have a consumer on every corner. For us we try to focus on those moments of consumers first interactions with us and not get stale in telling the same message to the same group over and over. Innovation is very important but dont underestimate REinvention. Taking what you have and adding something new and fun, tweaking a little to give consumers a reason to take notice again. Your website http://www.babywit.com has adorable, unique clothing and I love how you have called out your best sellers. Maybe focus in on those and getting just those items out more often to new crowds or creating a variation of one of them for a specific retailer? As far as moving to the “next level” We think thats a personal choice based on the commitment you and your family are willign to make for what the “next level” could bring. Perhaps more income and/or recogntion but without a doubt more work and stress as well. Important to understand first how you really feel about the level you are at and what it is your willing to give up for the next one. Not sure that helps lite your fire again but hope it made a spark :-)

  7. Advertising and marketing are so important to any businesss. How do you select where/how to advertise and market yourself creatively, effectively, and economically?

  8. Great Question Diana. We have a checklist of what we want to achieve with our advertising efforts and weigh the answers for each opportunity against the budget we have available. A few questions on our checklist are:

    1. Does it attract MY consumer? (be sure you know your potential consumer very well) For us its not just “moms” – its moms with boogie kids ages 1-6 that are fun and hip, have disposable income for a $3.99 PP item and like to talk it up with their friends and help us with Word of Mouth (WOM)

    2. Will the audience of the advertising easily be able to purchase my product? We did not do national advertising until consumers could find Boogie Wipes at a store within 5 miles from their house. Its probably not a good investment if it requires a consumer to do anymore than just click a link or look for your product next time they are at their favortite store. If you only have online commerce, you probably want to spend 80% of your budget with online advertising. The more steps you require a consumer to take to make a purchase, the more consumers you will lose a long the way. You have already asked them to change a habit in their life to incorporate your product or service – that alone is an accomplishment!

    3. Does this build my brand? Is the opportunity a good fit for your messaging and the equity and image you want to portray.

    4. Have I already reached this audience? Unless it is a program focused primarily on building the brand and image of Boogie Wipes, we dont typically do things twice. Our dollars are so tight and we need to spread them across as many outlets as we can.

    5. Can you give them a call to action? Will the opportunity allow you to include a website, sample, discount, coupon…something consumers can walk away with feeling like they know what to do to learn more or make a purchase.

    6. Who will I share this advertising with? When was the last time you scoured and studied the logo soup at the bottom of a newspaper ad? A “logo inclusion” alone is rarely a good deal. Also, make sure the partners and co-sponsors you have in any advertising you do are the companies and people you want your brand associated with.

    Hope this helped you decide what your questions should be. More than likely if the right opportunity is in front of you, it will be a no-brainer. We have made a few bad advertising investments along the way but even those have helped us fine tune our strategy. The last piece of advice we would add is NEGOTIATE ON THE COSTS and REMEMBER YOU HAVE ASSETS BESIDES MONEY. Tell them what you can spend and where you are willing to help out with other resources like cross promotions, your time, free product or giveaways. Good Luck!

  9. Hello,
    I think your blog and resources are fantastic. I am currently in the process of searching for sales reps or a distributor for “Baby’s First Journal” which is a baby care log book. I was wondering if you have any advice/recommendations for sales reps or distributors. I know you have been able to get your products into both boutique stores and big box stores which is quite a feat. How did you do this and were you able to do this with just one sales rep/distributor?



  10. Hi Boogie Moms! I am having tons of fun picking through your site and learning so much. My co-creator Kristen and I are working on a local website that unites Moms and Mom-owned businesses in the form for free coupon packs that we hand out in our Brainerd Lakes Area. We are trying to creatively think out the box and help Mom;s market their businesses at a very low cost. We are growing nicely and are working on our website. The thing that strikes me about Boogie Wipes is that not only is it an awesome products, but it has mass appeal! I really would like to make our community and schools more aware of Boogie Wipes and would like your thoughts on how to so that. Kristen and I both have school age kids and we both have string connections in our community. Thanks to my day job (office product industry) I have contacts at all the schools in our area. We can tell The Boogie Moms are all about Moms and kids, and we are too! We are just you. guys three years ago (just starting out and trying to find our way thru the business maze)!! We love to help Boogie Wipes any way we can. Thanks ladies! Sorry so long!

  11. This is an awesome idea and we will support it however we can. Send your proposal and details to molly@boogiewipes.com and she will coordinate for you. Congratulations on a great concept. Definitely a growing need and we LOVE to see Moms helping moms more less! It sounds like you have a great network already to start working with, we still tell everyone, everywhere we go about Boogie Wipes. We wear our Boogie Brand as often as we can and have been known to approach random moms on the street with samples and coupons. Thats how you get the job done. Your definitely on the right track!

  12. Hello Boogie Moms! You both amaze me at how quickly you grew your business and at the large number of stores you were able to place the Boogie Wipes. Congratulations!!
    Please give me some advice on my product, “Gotta Go Mitts”. I designed the Gotta Go Mitts after being disgusted by public toilets and the thought of my kids touching the toilet to hold on for balance or touching the flush lever. There was a product on the market similar to the Gotta Go Mitts, however they were not waterproof and were difficult to slip onto my kid’s hands. I decided to go ahead and launch the Gotta Go Mitts. The “Gotta Go Mitts” are disposable, plastic mittens for children to wear to protect their hands from germs and wetness in public restrooms. The mitts allow children to hold the toilet for balance, touch flush lever, lift the seat, etc. The mitts are also beneficial anytime there is a need to protect children’s hands such as eating sticky lollipops, painting, etc. I The Gotta Go Mitts generated alot of sales when Fox News and NBC did a story on the Gotta Go Mitts when they were initially launched. I was able to get them in several stores across the U.S. The mitts do not move as quickly on the shelf in stores. Do you think advertising would be the best place to spend money to increase sales, or do you think I need to redesign the picture on the package to be more eye catching. Consumers love the product and find it a diaper bag or purse must have, but the product is not getting noticed in the stores. The Boogie Wipes’s package does not have a picture of a child using the wipes, however the name “Boogie Wipes” is self explanatory at catches the consumers’ eye. Do you think advertising at this point is best, or a change in package design? Thank you and again….congratulations! – Stephanie Dellamura

  13. Hi Stephanie! Great concept and we don’t think your packaging is bad at all. Seems like the struggle could be merchandising and putting them in the right place for consumers who need them at the right time. Public events, restaurants, portable bathrooms, etc… Have you thought about approaching it from a more commercial, industrial sale? Working with a major chain like Pump it Up or ChuckECheese or selling in airports, hotel gift stores, resorts, even bathroom kiosks. Places moms are in the state of germs frenzy and need a quick easy solution? Do you have a display unit for a cash register or secure vending option? Moms are overwhealmed with the amount of products pushed on them for diaper bags and germ protection. You will have to get them to try them and begin to make it a habit to use them for a purchase to be made consistently. Do you have sample mitts you can distribute and ship out? As far as advertising, free sampling has worked well for us and we also recommend looking for ad remnants from H2O or ASG Media. You can get a pretty good deal on space in national publications. See our resource page for links. Best of luck, keep in touch, maybe we can work together!

  14. Hi,

    I was interested to know if your company sells this fabulous merchandise to Australia, if so whom or if not would you be interested in finding a representative in this fantastic country. I have 3 sons and run a VIP Cleaning Business and am always looking out for a product like yours to further my business interests. It was great to read your website which was listed in an article in the Australian Womens Weekly and this has instilled a “I want to do more” attitude – thanks for your time – Juliana Skeels, Vincentia NSW

  15. Hello. My name is Irina. I live in Russia in the city of Ekaterinburg.Recently i was staying at home with mysick daugher and looking through internet sights, i found an article about Boogy Wipes, which attracted my attention very much. Boogy Wipes are not sold in our city, I^m not sure whether they are sold in Rassia. I want to offer myself as the representative of your trading brand in Russia or in our city and to sell Boogy Wipes actively. I^m going to cooperate with you, with great pleasure. I shall accept your offers and optinion. Waiting for your answer, Irina.

  16. What an excellent blog, I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader. :-)

  17. Hi Boogie Moms
    I have seen you speak several times and you have inspired and given good advice. My partner and I produce the Milkies Milk Saver for breast feeding moms. You can see our product at http://www.mymilkies.com. Our product has been out for one year. We are in 130 stores and have our product going to Argentina, Turkey, France and Spain has translated our package for sale in those countries, and it is very big in Canada. We add approximately 3 stores a week in the US. We are very excited to add 5 sales reps in the next 2 weeks who are focusing on advertising, marketing and sales. We have done national advertising in our focused customer base of Pregnancy, Fit Pregnancy magazine, and have national exposure on Radio and Television when we can get it. Plus go to one to two trade shows a month to our focused consumers throughout the United States.
    We have not taken in investors, so it is slow going. We prefer it that way. I find it interesting you do not do national advertising unless the consumer can buy the product within 5 miles of their location. How do you get the consumer to know about your product if you do no national advertising?
    Renee C.

  18. Hi Renee! How are you? I remember meeting you at the Oregon Inventors Conference. Glad to know you are doing so well with Milkies. International expansion is such a tough piece of growth. There is so much to think about with language translations, patent & TM protection, trade taxes and all the details of working with distributors. We are proceeding slowly and cautiously there but it sounds like you have found much success. Congrats! We may have to hit you up for some tips too.

    Great question about national advertising campaigns. We have had tremendous success with online campaigns that build buzz for the brand and PR. We urge all inventors and business owners to come up with a creative way to spin their product into an informative, fun pitch for media. You are sure to have luck if you do it well. We have at least 4 or 5 media hits a month doing this. Bloggers are a great resource and we have also sampled hundreds of thousands Boogie Wipes by sending them to places like moms clubs, Doctors offices and preschools. Even if you do not have a trial or sample size of milkies, maybe you can come up with some sort of promotional item you can hand out. There are lots of fun things you can get with your logo and/or website for less than .10/ea if the volume it high enough. We send out stickers, buttons and t-shirts too during special promotions. By couponing and watching sales in specific markets, we have been able to track some of this work and really see results with it. We have done and still do a few national print ads but find a much greater conversion of customers when we get a Boogie Wipe into their hand and tell them where to buy it VS competiing with hundreds of other products for their attention in a magazine or on TV. When we are able to do a large ad campaign (10M +) with frequency and consistent messaging, the strategy may change and I’m sure the sales will spike even more but for the budget we are working with as a start up and the equity we want to start out with this has worked well for us so far. For our tips on launching a new brand CLICK HERE. Hope that helps, we will watch for you on the Mompreneur circuit! Go Milkies!

  19. Hi Ladies! great job on your business. I bought a pack about 18 months ago at a boutique in lake Oswego and thought you had a brilliant idea. Great to see you in the major retail stores now!

    I’m starting a business myself that will involve going from boutiques/gift shop to major retail. I’m curious about selecting manufacturers for large volume. From the quotes I’ve seen so far, it looks like I can get much better pricing overseas. Do you work with any local consultants on manufacturing/packaging/supplies? I saw a listing for a company in Beaverton that manages production for you in China. Any thoughts on this?

    Also, how money do most mom entrepreneurs invest in their businesses from what you have seen? I’ve been frugal so far, but thinking about taking a small leap to go big faster.


  20. I just thought about purchasing a small digital company. How will I look for a partner ?

  21. Will you please call me IMMEDIATELY, I want to tell your story in the next issue of CAREER Magazine…

    Stephanie C. Harper
    Publisher, CAREER Magazine

  22. Hello Boogie Moms,

    My name is Sarah Coulsey. I have been blogging for a little while now. I love to do reviews of products that I truely believe in and enjoy. Your’s is very much one of them. I have the wipes in the diaper bag, car, and living room at all times!! I was planning on doing a review of your wipes on my blog, and was wondering if you would be interrested in doing a giveaway for my readers??

    Please let me know if this interrests you at all.

    My blog is sarahsblogoffun.blogspot.com

    and my email us sarahcoulsey03 at gmail dot com.

    Thank you very much!!


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