You are already doing it!

Welcome to our new blog where we are determined to convince you that YES MOMS, YOU CAN RUN A BUSINESS in fact, YOU ARE ALREADY DOING IT!!!  In our 3 years of running Boogie Wipes,  we have discoverd something amazing – being a Mom is bootcamp for running a business.  It is no coincidence that the number of successful mompreneurs is growing by leaps and bounds.  You have been running your families for years and the same skills you use to get through your day on the homefront will help you succeed from the day you open your storefront.  Are we right Mompreneurs? It really recharges our battery to hear other stories of moms in business so we created this blog as a place of resource, and inspiration.  There is no commitment to check in regularly, no fees and no spam, just quick easy info, an occasional empathetic mom giggle and a virtual room full of two cents to help guide your decision making. We will try to post new vlogs as often as we can and keep our calendar updated with cool Mompreneur events we come across.

PS – We expect to pick up loads of insight and help from you too so PLEASE feel free to leave your comments whenever you get the ”R” and ”T” keys unstuck from the apple juice your 4 year old spilled on your computer.


Boogie On!

Mindee & Julie (The Boogie Moms)

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