MomInspired Twitter Party Tonight!

The Huggies MomInspired $15,000 Grant Program. Join in the conversation at 8pm EST on Twitter, as mom inventors meet and discuss this whopper of a grant program. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and submit your idea –
Good Luck, we’ll Tweet you later!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Every once in a while, we want to offer you a close-up look at other moms in business who got fed up with the status quo of mediocre solutions (or none at all) and found a way to innovate. Women earning money from the frustrations they encountered in motherhood. They dreamed of being able to [...]

How to Get Your Products in Stores

What’s the first step in finding a retailer? What’s the best way to get into a boutique? How should you approach a big retailer like Walmart and Target with your product? Hopefully we’ve answered your question here in this vlog, but if you have more there’s always our monthly Mompreneur Q&A.